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Interview: Hubble, Webb and exoplanets

NASA’s Dr Richard Barry discusses the science of space telescopes and the hunt for distant worlds.





This month’s contributors Stuart Atkinson

Jane Green

Katrin Raynor-Evans


Astronomy writer

Astronomy writer

“Just like Earth, the night sky has seasons too. Springtime is galaxy season, and there are plenty of beautiful deep-sky objects on show this month.” Take Stuart’s spring galaxy tour, page 28

“In our world of fullyautomated Go -To scopes for viewing the night sky, I enjoyed being reacquainted with the nuts and bolts of celestial navigation.” Jane explains the way around the celestial sphere, page 72

“Having seen the Belt of Venus many times, it was great to delve deeper into the how and why of this beautiful twilight phenomenon.” Katrin looks at what causes the Belt of Venus and how to spot it, page 40

Book preview: Plutoshine

Download the first chapter of a new novel of sabotage and mystery set in a human settlement on icy dwarf planet Pluto.

Plan your observing for the month ahead

Access charts to record your observations of the planets and take this month’s binocular and deep-sky tours.

The Virtual Planetarium

Pete Lawrence and Paul Abel guide us through the best sights to see in the night sky this month.

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