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Contents May 2022 Regulars Columns


1 Leaders 9 Diary Fr Richard Biggerstaff 44 May feast days 45 Letters 46 Chesterton 66 Meditations 72 Crossword

News 10 UK News 12 Vatican News 14 US News 16 World News

18 Serenhedd James Our Lady of the

Windrush on tour 19 Ken Craycraft Pope Francis is correct:

all war is unjust 21 Olenka Hamilton On the run from wokery 25 Gavin Ashenden We have a choice –

chaos or Christianity 28 Niall Gooch We must not confuse the political with the eternal

22 A Printer’s Tale

Celebrating 600 years of William Caxton Robert Temple 24 Caxton’s Pilgrims

Revisiting the printer’s renowned woodcuts Adam Dant 26 Saving the little ones

Why the Tafida Raqeeb Foundation matters Simon Caldwell 29 Fighting for Father Stu

Mark Wahlberg on faith-movies and rising at 2.30 am William Cash 31 The dwindling faithful

Hardline Jewish settlers are a danger to Jerusalem’s Christians Melanie McDonagh

Special Report

Catholic Retreats

34 Profiles Our top places to rest,

reset and reflect in the UK Olenka Hamilton 37 Heart and Soul

Why spiritual sanity is essential for the Catholic Life Joanna Bogle 40 Awake in the wilderness

Every retreat is an encounter with Christ Dom Xavier Perrin


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