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CONTENTS 06 FIRST TESTS LG’s stunning new OLED TV; Samsung raises the bar with its flagship phone; a pair of commendable projectors; B&W’s first Dolby Atmos soundbar and more

28 INSIDER ROB WATTS Chord Electronics’ digital design consultant reveals the secrets behind the tech that has redefined the brand’s DACs

32 ROUND-UP: STREAMERS If you have yet to buy into the concept of streaming for your home music system, or are looking to upgrade, we help you take the next step with verdicts on each of our top 10 streamers

46 MUSIC-STREAMING SERVICES Find out how the leading players compare on sound quality, ease of use, catalogue size and value




30 INSIDER TOP FIVE This month: Devialet’s first soundbar, true-wireless earbuds from Astell & Kern, Mission speakers, Chord power blocks and a Q Acoustics wireless hub

44 THE TROUBLE WITH HI-RES Are you getting the most out of your hi-resolution music? We explain why you might not be – and what you can do about it

50TOP TESTERS How good are your headphones? These challenging music tracks will each test a differing aspect of their performance

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, Te c h n

, Ve r t e r e i c a

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, S o n y, A p p i o

A u d l e e r

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, R e g a


i l i p s i n s , P h i l k


, I f i , B o w e r s i t : A r c a m c r e d

I m a g e

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