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CONTENTS p. 16 How Western wealth was built on African labour

Readers’ Views 04 Your comments and letters

Kaleidoscope 06 Africa today, briefly

Moky’s Musings 11 Africa’s Stockholm syndrome


Back to the Future 13 Ukraine – the deadly chessboard

Editorial 15 Africa shows Ubuntu to refugees

Cover Story 16 The African foundations of the West’s wealth 17 Why Africa has been erased from the history of the modern world 22 Beginning of the Afro-Asian Spring?

The Global Perspective 24 The foreign invasion conundrum

Analysis 26 What is behind the turmoil in West Africa? 27 Africa’s ‘coup belt’ 29 Flawed system at root of coups 31 Timeline: Coups in

West Africa since 2020

Ivor at Large 32 Can we free ourselves from foreign influences?

Investigative Report 34 Lethal drones are a new menace to Africa

Letter from London 38 African-led Commonwealth Games will add sparkle to UK life

Star Interview 40 Tidjane Thiam –

to win the world, use soft power

The Culture Space 46 Musicians, artists light up strong showing

Jo’burg Diary 50 What is pushing young

African men to suicide?

Conservation 52 Gorilla-strength coffee?

Around Africa 54 Nigeria: A fragile unity 58 Uganda: Waste not, want not 62 South Africa: Coming up for air

Books 64 A rich harvest of

African talent in 2022

The Sound of Africa 66 A treasure house of sweet melody Sport 70 African soccer star profile:

Leroy Sané 72 The history of African teams at the World Cup

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