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FRONTLINE 05 Director’s Letter 06 News Update

OPINION 16 Kaddu Sebunya envisions an Africa where human development includes thriving wildlife and extensive wildlands as cultural and economic assets.

CONSERVATION 19 Kang-Chun Cheng throws light into how illicit liquor brewing impacts forest conservation.

23 Rupi Mangat reports on how wildlife are coping with recurring drought and infrastructure development in northern Kenya.

27 Rupert Watson marvels at the efficiency of Reteti Elephant Sanctuary where elephant rescue is a community enterprise.

31 Kari Mutu explains the New

Big Five concept in wildlife photography and why it matters for conservation.

BIODIVERSITY 34 The Kenya Horticultural Society finds a crown jewel in Kakamega Forest, as Lucy Vigne reports.

38 James Mwang'ombe outlines

Kenya’s biosphere reserves and their contributions to the national economy.

42 Felix Patton argues that global environmental changes driving biodiversity loss and climate change and not wildlife are the real causes of pandemics.

ADVOCACY 46 Building managerial competency is the key to the effectiveness of African protected areas,

according to Lawrence Allen, Simon Seno and Jedidah Nankaya.

PADDOCK DIARIES 48 Brian Finch takes stock of how wildlife faired in the Paddock in 2021.

ON SAFARI 52 Chris Whittaker rises early to experience life in a day of Tanzania’s Hadzabe huntergatherer community.

REAR WINDOW 56 On a wildlife tracking expedition in Samburu, Santiago Legarre follows the footprints.

JANUARY - MARCH 2022 | 5

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