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front 07 EMBROIDERY LOVES Karen Nicol 08 NEWS 09 PREVIEW Eternally Yours Somerset House reviews 52 BOOKSHELF

The latest textile titles EXHIBITIONS 54 Sheila Hicks Hepworth Wakefield 55 Britta Marakatt-Labba

Ikon Gallery 56 The Harewood Biennial

Radical Acts: Why Craft Matters 57 Richard McVetis

Crafts Study Centre WHAT’S ON 58 Courses and events 59 Exhibitions coming up c o n t e nt s features 10 THE SEWING ROOM Where you create can hold as much significance as what you create in the case of Emily Jo Gibbs 12 FINDERS KEEPERS Inspired by the idea of pefection in imperfection Fran Buxton’s found objects hint at personal stories 14 MAKING MEANING Anne Kelly’s work blends folk art with travelogue – the result of a life that’s immersed in textiles 18 THE THREADS THAT BIND US Celia Pym has built a practice around mending that bears witness to the personal and the public 24 FIGURING IT OUT A curiosity for words and a lifelong love of making are the driving forces behind Julie Arkell’s practice 30 CHOREOGRAPHING THE NEEDLE We catch up with Michael Brennand-Wood one of the most respected artists working in textiles today 36 MECHANICAL MAGIC Will Cruikshank harnesses the kinetic energy of experimental machinery to create unique textiles 42 STITCHING SCIENCE Science merges with art as Lindsay Olson stitches the life and sounds hidden within our oceans 44 DOUBLE TAKE Meet Alicja Kozłowska whose stitches bring everyday objects to life with startling accuracy 50 LIFE AT SEA Discover the charm of the sailors’ woolworks within Compton Verney’s unique collection of folk art m a y j u n e

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May June 2022 EMBROIDERY



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