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Do you have any form of ritual when you watch Chris race? “I don’t have a ritual as such, but I always send him a certain message before every meeting. I always get a nervous stomach and have a bad habit of spinning my wedding ring.”

What’s the most romantic gesture Chris has ever made? “Chris can be a little romantic at times, and he was at his best when he proposed. He has made some lovely gestures, from arranging swimming with dolphins in Dubai, and a surprise trip to New York City, to breakfast on the beach in Cornwall.


However, I have to say I love the little notes he leaves on my pillow when he’s going away for a few days. They mean a lot and I keep them all – he leaves them for the girls too.”

inally, your predictions please: final league positions for Peterborough Panthers and Berwick Bandits? “I will have to say top of the league for both clubs. I have faith in Chris and his teammates.”


Thank you to Mrs. Harris and the clan – Mia-Faye (12), Emma-Louise, Amara-Mae (3), Cruz (2) and Bomber. All photographs reproduced with the kind permission of Emma-Louise Harris

May 7, 2022 speedway star 39

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