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7 Belief
 Rima Basu “Racist beliefs are a paradigm of bad beliefs, yet a racist world will present individuals with significant evidence to support their racist beliefs.”

11 Border
 Robin Celikates “A border is never just a border, a gate to be opened or closed at will – although such gates do of course exist and can remain closed with fatal consequences”

16 Feeling
 William Davies “Feeling is a challenge to the dominant forms of representation and knowledge that modern societies have privileged for hundreds of years.”

21 Intersectionality Reiland Rabaka “What were the roots of intersectionality prior to its global popularization by Kimberlé Crenshaw in the late 1980s?”

26 Knowledge
 Lani Watson “Exclusive focus on the task of defining knowledge has come at the expense of examining the role that knowledge plays in our lives.”

30 The Market
 Jessica Whyte “What is a market if markets can over-ride the democratic political process and determine the priorities to which nations must conform?”

35 Objectivity
 Briana Toole “The world does not ‘give’ raw, unfiltered data that we can mechanically assess divested of our individual biases and values.”

41 Reality
 Jana Bacevic “Our ontological commitments are not only theoretical but also political: what we believe to be true has implications for how reality will be.”

46 Responsibility
 Maeve McKeown “The highly-interdependent, globalised economy means that cumulative human activities can impact on millions of geographically dispersed people in deeply harmful ways.”

51 Time Michelle Bastian “How societies should tell the time, including how they set their clocks, has not generally been seen as a philosophical problem.”

55 Unfreedom
 Yarran Hominh “In focusing on the lofty ideal of freedom, we turn our eyes to the heavens above, and, like Thales, we may lose sight of what is in front of us: forms of unfreedom.”

61 Violence
 Eraldo Souza dos Santos “Violence appears to imply the failure of politics because in violent conflicts the use of physical force replaces the symbolic force of the strongest argument.”


67 Editorial: Reflections on the Life and Work of Charles W. Mills
 Darren Chetty and Adam Ferner

68 Charles W. Mills, In Memoriam
 Zara Bain “Liberalism is neither colourblind nor ‘post-racial’, no matter how emphatically it might assert otherwise.”

73 A Particularly Wonderful Human Being: A Conversation about Charles W. Mills
 an interview with Linda Martín Alcoff “We need to begin philosophy where we actually are and that’s going to give us a very different conceptual armature.”


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