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The dawn of the splinternet Russia wants to create its own purified digital world. Can it? Ethan Zuckerman

Clinging to the promise of peace Eighty years ago, Hella Pick boarded the Kindertransport. Now she is watching history repeat itself

What is Russia thinking? Fed by propaganda, most Russians support Putin’s war Anastasia Kirilenko Plus The polls: Putin is genuinely popular—for now As the war grinds on, the president’s ratings may well slump Alexey Levinson

Why I’m leaving the Church of England An incompetent Church is now incapable of running its own affairs Martyn Percy


Foul play Football is waking up to the Qatar World Cup debacle—but far too late Mark Damazer

The cost of leaving The true economic reality of Brexit is finally hitting home Tom Clark

What is a woman? A range of women, including Brenda Hale, actually answer the question

A home for captive elephants One Indian charity is giving these grand animals sanctuary Ruth Padel

What happened in Guantánamo Mohamedou Ould Slahi speaks to his torturer Mr X. Will he be allowed to forgive him? Bastian Berbner & John Goetz

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