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osh Pickering


Pickering, 25, has grown up during the halcyon days of Australian glory on the world stage in the 21st century. Jason Crump’s three world titles, one each for Chris Holder and Jason Doyle and three World Cup wins for the green and gold.

It does feel like the Aussies are on the cusp of a new era with Max Fricke and now Jack Holder entering the Grand Prix fray.

Picko has proved he can beat anyone on his day in UK racing and naturally admits that SGP is the ultimate goal.

He added: “The end result is wanting to be a Grand Prix rider. I will get there one day, I know I will.

“I’m doing all the right things to achieve that. Everything I do on and off track is the right way.

“To see Max and Jack in the GP, they are both great riders. But all the guys in there are beatable.

“I obviously had a good meeting the other day against Doyley. I don’t want a big deal over that, I’d never raced him or beaten him before then. So it was a feather in my cap sort of thing.

“Speedway is a weird sport. I don’t even know how I rank in the world right now. But I can beat the top 15 riders in the world, it shows you something.”

Like every rider destined for the very top, Pickering understands that it takes more than just holding a throttle wide open to reach the motorcycling Mecca. There’s a process and a package that needs to be carefully orchestrated on and off the bike over a number of years.

road. Of course I’m washing my own bikes, you never hardly get a rest.

“On days off we might go out for dinner but during the season all the training is effectively done on the bike.

“Downtime is just hanging out, playing the Playstation Call of Duty or Fifa. I used to play football as a kid but I chose racing over that.

“We are just big kids and unfortunately as we get older our toys just get more expensive,

He added: “I’m doing everything properly. Like I’ve had Sam (Masters) help me for the last couple of years and away from the track and with my bikes finding something that works for me.

“The help he has given me, it’s ridiculous. At the end of the day, we’re competitors but he’s a good friend and he’s got me going to where I needed to be.

“In a way I couldn’t have done it without him. Maybe in a way, but certainly not as quick as I have done.

“It’s the little things, you learn things in the workshop. He’s been here for 12 years now so he’s picked up so many things. The fact that he’s passing that information down to me now, it’s appreciated.

“Where I am mentally on and off the track, I’m in a good place. I’ve got good equipment under me. Peter Johns is looking after my stuff in the UK and AshTech in Poland. I’ve got all the right people doing all the right things. It’s just up to me to continue the progress.”

It takes a while in any interview to unearth the layers to what makes Picko tick. His outstanding levels of professionalism almost forbid him from opening up too much.

But there’s a glimmer of the real man, he just tries to be “normal”, and he added: “In the season, we do so many miles up and down the it costs more to entertain yourself!

“You just try to lead life as normal as possible away from speedway. I do love it and I’m a fan of the sport, I love watching it.

“However it’s important to be a normal person as well so you have a balanced life.”

Picko has got it all; talent, brains and focus to go all the way to the top.

Never mind the Kungs, he is definitely Cookin’ up something special for a career.

May 14, 2022 speedway star 3

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