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Contested land, p30

Pause for thought, p23


3 Leading article 6 Portrait of the Week 9 Diary The fire and fury of

America’s abortion debate Andrew Sullivan 10 Politics The losing game

James Forsyth 11 The Spectator’s Notes

A living history lesson Charles Moore 15 Rod Liddle Auntie’s issues 17 Lionel Shriver

Britain’s national character flaws 18 Barometer Biergate, plane emissions and British dentists 20 Ancient and modern

Putin’s emperor complex 21 Matthew Parris

How to handle the next pandemic 25 Douglas Murray What gets lost amid silly scandals 27 Letters Northern Ireland, David

Davis and Putin’s nuclear power 28 Any other business

Haldane would have been a smarter inflation fighter than Bailey Martin Vander Weyer

Real menace, p42

12 Can Keir escape?

Labour after Starmer Katy Balls 13 A fine mess

The lockdown penalty charges keep coming Michael Simmons 14 Theatre of war

Russians must mobilise their own culture against Putin C.J. Farrington 16 New Aussie rules

Conservative values have fallen out of fashion Alexander Downer 18 Who’s out

The negative discrimination of Oxbridge admissions David Abulafia 20 Carbon paper

The new GCSE in global warming Bjorn Lomborg 23 Pause célèbre

The march of the ‘menosplainers’ Michele Kirsch 24 Daylight robbery

Why won’t banks help fraud victims like my daughter? Stephen Robinson


BOOKS 30 Justin Marozzi

The Bride, by Roger Hardy 32 Marcus Nevitt

Conspiracy on Cato Street, by Vic Gatrell 34 Duncan Fallowell

The Very Last Interview, by David Shields Lucy Lethbridge

A Village in the Third Reich, by Julian Boyd and Angelika Patel 35 Sara Wheeler

Exiles, by William Atkins 36 Boyd Tonkin

Bad Actors, by Mick Herron 37 Daniel Rey

Young Mungo, by Douglas Stuart Jay Elwes

Liberalism and its Discontents, by Francis Fukuyama 38 Andrew Roberts

Winston Churchill, by Tariq Ali 40 Chloë Ashby

Bad Relations, by Cressida Connolly Margie Orford The Perfect Golden Circle, by Benjamin Myers

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