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34 Kakatsitsi Master Drummers

26 Cimarrón

UPFRONT 06 Top of the World CD 08 What’s New 14 Folk Focus 16 Introducing… Haya

Zaatry & Tarta Relena 18 Songlines Encounters

Festival 2022 19 Spotlight:

Congotronics International 20 Simon Says 21 Letters

FEATURES 22 Songlines Music

Awards 2022 This year’s winners 26 Cimarrón

Colombian group sing the cowgirl blues 30 Oumou Sangaré

Taking flight with the ‘Songbird of Wassoulou’ 34 Kakatsitsi Master

Drummers Ghanaian crew preach the polyrhythmic gospel 37 UK Festival Guide

Essential happenings from a field near you

REVIEWS 48 Africa 50 Americas 54 Europe 60 Asia 61 Middle East 63 Pacific 64 Fusion 68 Books 70 Classical & Jazz 71 World Cinema 72 Live Reviews

“Is music now just recycling the past, indicative of a present that has lost its rudder, no longer dreaming of a fantastical future…” Russ Slater wars with old vs new in music’s struggle for commercial supremacy, see p97

ycling of a t its aming e…” n music’s y, see p97


30 Oumou Sangaré

H o l l y h i t t a k e r

REGULARS 74 My World:

Felix Riebl 76 Beginner’s Guide to Antibalas 78 Festival Pass: FolkEast 81 Postcard from

Melbourne, Australia 82 Quickfire 83 Dispatch from

Dakar, Senegal 85 My Instrument:

Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe’s embaire 87 Gig Guide 94 Overseas Festivals 97 Soapbox 98 Essential 10:

Festival Artists

22 Songline

22 Songlines Music

Award w Susana B

Award winner Susana Baca

J a v i e r

F a l c o n


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