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i Leading article

Pandemic Treaty: sign here? iv End of religious freedom in

Hong Kong China’s war on Christianity Kevin Andrews v Failure of the Fourth Estate

No wonder the press is held in contempt James Allan vi Australian notes

Gender wars David van Gend vii Lose-win

A good election to lose? Judith Sloan viii Don’t mention the swastika

Banning symbols is dangerous Jacob Mchangama ix Being Penny Wong

Under Labor, DFAT gets dafter Declan Mansfield x Back to the future?

Labor re-runs Rebecca Weisser xi Bad policy, bad politics

Sanctions are morally dubious Ramesh Thakur xii Saving the Liberal left?

Howard’s broad church is dead Paul Collits

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Can’t get her out of my head, p12


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary Ballet and bomb shelters

Christina Lamb 6 Politics Boris’s fighting talk

Katy Balls 7 The Spectator’s Notes

A stupid use of ‘apocalyptic’ Charles Moore 11 Rod Liddle

Bad songs for a good cause 14 Ancient and modern

Ship shape 15 Douglas Murray

The dishonesty of our age 16 Barometer WAG rules, new arrivals and cryptocurrency 19 Mary Wakefield

The madness of ‘emotional support animals’ 21 Letters Russian culture, the menopause and Eccles cakes 22 Any other business

How far will house prices fall? Frankly, don’t ask me Martin Vander Weyer

‘You’ll never believe what my house is worth’, p22

8 Zelensky’s choice

Can Ukraine force Russia to negotiate? James Forsyth 9 Briege Duffaud

‘I’m Watching the Midday News’: a poem 10 Parting shot

The truth about my brother-in-law’s hair Ivo Dawnay 12 Sex, drugs and Sartre

Why is a brilliant BBC serial kept in its most secret vaults? Peter Hitchens 14 Voice of concern

The creep of nannying announcements Laurie Graham 16 Roman myths

Italy’s growing opposition to Nato Nicholas Farrell 18 Cold Turkey

Why is Erdogan resisting Nato’s expansion? Owen Matthews 20 Changing channels

The television will be revolutionised James Heale

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