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16 Regulars This season offers bold solo shows, from Alex Da Corte and Jasmina Cibic to Dominique GonzalezFoerster, Deana Lawson and Richard Mosse.


30 Abstract Wonderland Florian W. Mueller abstracts perceptions of the city, inspired by the intersecting lines and colours used by Expressionist painter Lyonel Feininger.

40 Journey Elsewhere In the ethereal works of KangHee Kim, windows become invitations to the imagination, portals to sun-drenched locations just beyond our reach.

50 Worlds Under Threat Florida is a complex place with many contrasting ideologies. Anastasia Samoylova investigates the inner-workings of this subtropical fever-dream.

56 Studies in Botany Anne Mason-Hoerter celebrates the vivid colour and unique details of plant specimens, from valerian roots and blue thistles to wild garlic.

68 Beyond the Metaphysical Hayward Gallery presents speculative futures where fantasy is at the forefront, and both creative and cultural liberation are brought into effect.

74 Distort and Reveal Andrea Alkalay's Landscape on Landscape series examines the radical act of observation through the poetic and political potential of photographs.

86 Breaking Convention For over two decades, Hannah Starkey has honed and developed an attentive gaze, representing women with both candour and compassion.

92 Nod to Surrealism Self-portraits by Spanish photographer Fares Micue – often looking skyward – are covered by bright blue balloons and flocks of paper birds.

100 Into the Imaginary Digital illustrator Adriana Mora constructs threedimensional buildings within idyllic waterscapes. Brutalism is juxtaposed with seamless horizons.

110 Timeless Structures The Rockies boast an expansive geography of dramatic alpine wilderness and diverse wildlife. Modernism has thrived there for over 100 years.

116 Aesthetica Art Prize 2022 Our 20 finalists explore the ways art can make sense of a rapidly changing world, from the rise of digital echo chambers to the climate crisis.


124 Exhibitions This issue we provide coverage of Poulomi Basu's Fireflies at Autograph, London, as well as a Sheila Hicks retrospective at The Hepworth, Wakefield.

129 Film Bastian Günther’s One of These Days is a shining portrayal of human greed. Swan Song gives a late-career role to the irrepressible Udo Kier.

131 Music Harkin’s Honeymoon Suite was written in, and about, a single room. Django Django celebrates 10 years since its self-titled psych-rock epic.

Books 133 The Latest Publications Photo-historian William A. Ewing presents flowers in a completely new light. Meanwhile, Phaidon releases an exciting compendium of rising stars.

Artists’ Directory 140 This Edition's Practitioners These artists demonstrate how art can transform the viewer experience, sharing and supporting different perspectives in a changing climate.

Last Words

146 November Paynter The Associate Director and Chief Curator of MOCA Toronto discusses the narrative in Shirin Neshat's seminal installation Land of Dreams.

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