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MAY - JUNE 2022


INVESTMENT Empowering your Business through Global Citizenship Bluemina Citizenship & Residency




AFRICA Brand Africa: A Post COVID-19 Tourism Conundrum Tafadzwa Matiza African Solidarity to Mitigate the Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic Marisha Ramdeen Controversies and Realities of Foreign Military Activity in Africa Theo Neethling


UKRAINE CRISIS The Russian Federation, President Putin and the Russian Military are Financially Liable to Ukraine and Its People for All Damages Suffered as a Result of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Other Human Rights Violations Charles H. Camp, Kiran Nasir Gore and Lilia Chu


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Japan Seeks to Join Five Eyes, in the Wake of the Invasion of Ukraine Craig Mark


RACISM Asian American Experiences of Racism During COVID-19 Sumie Okazaki


UNITED STATES How Flawed Thinking Limits America’s National Industrial Strategy Robert D. Atkinson




INNOVATION How Walmart Used Collaboration and Co-Creation to Build the World’s Largest Industrial Blockchain Solution Kate Vitasek Overcoming Resistance to Innovation Jim Euchner Business Responsibilities in Shaping Customer Relationships David De Cremer


FINTECH Fintech: Current Trends and Potential Future Developments Terence Tse, Mark Esposito and Danny Goh


HIGHER EDUCATION Our Colleges and Universities Need to Innovate. Here’s How. Steven Mintz



BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE COVID-19: We Must Use Behavioral Science to Communicate Better during the Delicate Reopening Period Carlos Scartascini, Déborah Martínez, and Ana María Rojas Behavioral Finance: It’s A Feature, Not a Bug [or] Let’s Stop Talking About Behavioral Finance and Apply It Tim Maurer


AVIATION INDUSTRY Covid-19, Labour Cost Minimisation and Its Consequences in Civil Aviation Geraint Harvey, Peter Turnbull and Daniel Wintersberger


EUROPE The Czech Republic Recovery and Resilience Plan Vojtěch Chloupek and Jiří Švejda




CHINA “Mega” Wind and Solar Clean-Energy Bases – a Stepping Stone to China’s Double-Carbon Pledge Xing Zhang China’s Quest to be a Global Digital Economy Leader Rachel Gong and Yeu-Mynn Yeung Superstore Closures in China: The Past, Now, and the Future Lisa Qixun Siebers



CRYPTOASSETS Regulating Cryptoassets: Overview of the UK Regime Effie Stathaki What is Bitcoin’s Fundamental Value? John Hawkins


EMERGING TRENDS An Ecosystem of Interconnectedness: Prioritising Key Legal Concerns in the Metaverse Pin Lean Lau


REMOTE WORK Addressing the Top Concern for Executives on Hybrid and Remote Work: Proximity Bias Gleb Tsipursky

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empowering communication globally

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