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But Aaron Summers puts Aussie heat on hold for one last Cheetahs blast. By PHIL LANNING


TRUTTING through the pits, he’s a blur of scraggly two-tone hair, scrawny stubble and panda eyes.

Speedway’s version of Jack Sparrow is back for one last expedition before he bids bon voyage to the UK.

Aaron Summers has got that languid look of a storm-battered old pirate. He simply belongs on the high CCs, riding the waves and fences, one of the most swashbuckling stars on the shale.

Yet just eight months ago, Summers had gone cold on the sport he had illuminated in such exciting fashion for 15 years.

The kevlars were swapped for a posh suit to get married to Emma, following the birth of their first daughter Maeve. Full throttle had been replaced by filling baby bottles.

Now he’s been lured back into the foray for one last horsepowering hurrah at plundering some silverware to finish his career in style.

The Adelaide-born ace was a shock new signing announcement for Oxford last week.

As a heatwave hit England, red-hot Summers was back on track. Within five days he had delivered a typical all-action, pulsating all-limbs-akimbo performance on his return at Glasgow.

With the adrenalin still coursing through his veins after an eventful debut at former stomping ground Ashfield, he told me: “What has changed since last year? I just missed it. Plus my wife, kids and I plan to go back to Australia permanently but that won’t happen until the end of this year at the earliest.

“That freed this year up a bit more. If I could have made things happen quicker, I would have gone back to Aussie quicker.

“So that means there’s still the rest of this season to go, I may as well do something that I love doing.

“This is the last three or four months I’ll do in British speedway, that’s for sure.

“It’s having the buzz again. I’m not out to prove anything to anyone now. I’ve gone as far as I’m going to get in the sport. I want to go out and have some fun with mates and earn some money.

“I had a few clubs in touch to see whether I wanted a comeback and I’ve been going to Berwick for the last few meetings helping out in the pits.

“When you haven’t been around the sport so much, when you return you feel that you do miss it a bit.

“The weekdays probably suit me a lot better. It means I can get away to other race meetings, I do supermoto as well. I don’t lose out on any of that now.

“I’ve worked with Jamie Courtney for a few years now and I’ve known him so long since I’ve been in the UK. I know what to expect from him so it made things fairly easy. Once we sorted out what I need, it was soon all go.


2 speedway star June 25, 2022


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