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Coronavirus: Keep up to date with developments as the pandemic continues to be in the news

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PRACTICE GUIDE Around the nursery with Penny Tassoni ➜ https://www.nursery


MANAGEMENT GUIDE Exploring social leadership and how it can improve your setting


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August 2022 ■ Bikes debate: Should they be a staple of the outdoors or can they sometimes be problematic? ■ Working with parents: How nurseries are navigating the anxieties that parents have developed due to Covid. ■ What the EEF report says about the impact of Covid on children’s attainment in Reception. ■ Management: communicating with parents after a nursery take-over. ■ Special report: Integrating science and technology in the curriculum.

POSTER Learn about people who help us to be housed in the final poster in our collectible A2 series in this issue contents

 NEWS 6 analysis

Meeting the challenges of the cost of living crisis 8 news round-up

All you need to know in brief 11 noticeboard

Community catch-up

 OPINION 12 to the point Michael Pettavel on how the sector holds the key to its problems; clean air ambassador Rosamund Adoo Kissi Debrah calls for more policy action 13 people

Iain Colledge explains his priorities as the new executive director of operations at Bright Horizons UK 50 over to you

Your letters and social media posts

 PRACTICE 14 keys to the outdoors

Enhance the quality of your space 16 All about...

ateliers, or art studios 19 child behaviour

Why children enjoy being naked 22 best practice

Let words speak for themselves in a print-rich environment 24 essential resources

Equip your setting to reflect the pedagogy of pioneer Rudolph Steiner 32 health and nutrition

Supporting parents post-pandemic – plus dietary advice from the EYNP 35 two-year-old check

Understand the latest guidance 37 observation

Seeing the whole child 39 special report

Focus on physical development

 ACTIVITIES 26 outdoor calendar

Make the most of warm days 28 project

Explore the world of castles 30 SEND

Support children to make friends during transitions 31 music New series of music-making activities to support learning 34 early years on a shoestring Link loose parts to maths

 MANAGEMENT 42 business challenges

How to work effectively with local authorities 44 integration Creating a positive workplace for staff a er a take-over 46 managers’ queries

A question of faith

 CLASSIFIED 47 services 48 appointments



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