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contents WATER CRAFT w154 July/August 2022

9 The Gribble

Where all those yesterdays went.

10 DZ 22

The great French festival of sail in Douarnenez is calling Kathy Mansfield

15 Launch Day in Lyme

Ex-student Simon Holman returns to the Boat Building Academy to see the boats the class of 22 has built.

38 Whose Woods These Are

I Thought I Knew Ben Bagnall of Robbins Timber reviews the sustainable timbers now available to today's boatbuilders.

40 Scantlings For Modern

Wood Construction Naval architect Julian Wolfram offers more advice on calculating the right sizes for your boat's component parts.

51 Reviews & Reports

Electric sculling? The Holmans try out the novel Temo outboard.

54 Grand Designs

Designer François Vivier has the story on our cover boat, his Stir-Ven 19

56 Design Your Own Boat

Naval architect Ian Nicolson considers fairleads – and foul ones.

19 Build Your Own 22'(6.7m)

Centreboard Gaffer Paul Gartside has plans for a pocket cruiser which Maurice Griffiths would surely have called a 'proper little ship'. . 26 Rolling Along

Like the old river itself, the Thames Traditional Boat Festival maintains its momentum, writes Colin Henwood.

44 The Shock Of The Old

Moray MacPhail's series on refining traditional rigs goes to the top of the mast – so you don't have to.

48 Adventures with Dinghy

Ocean voyager Ellen Massey Leonard finally finds the Vaipo Waterfall.

58 Join The Club

Getting afloat again with our most active associations.

63 Subscribing to WaterCraft

Join the supporters club which doesn't have branded merchandise to sell you.

30 Casablanca

A sleek Thames slipper launch of the 30s, inspired by sports cars of the day, catches Kathy Mansfield's eye.

34 Big Wheel

Keeps On Turning Designer Andrew Wolstenholme explains the advantages of tunnel sterns for shoaldraft motorboats.

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