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CONTENTS p. 16 Kenya elections 2022

Readers’ Views 04 Your comments and letters

Kaleidoscope 06 Briefs 13 Quote / unquote

Editorial 15 Lumumba’s golden tooth

Cover Story 16 Kenya elections 2022 17 Twists and turns shape historic polls 20 Man of the people vs king-in-waiting 24 Challenges awaiting winners

The Global Perspective 26 The Queen and I

Spotlight 28 Gender equality is still sluggish

Moky’s Musings 30 A ‘good news law’ for Africa?

In Conversation 32 Dr Hippolyte Fofack on integration

Ivor at Large 34 Taking control of our defence

Focus on Agriculture 36 African solutions to world food supply problems

Topic 40 African Youth Survey 2022: Brimming with gems of insight

Letter from London 46 From acorns to oaks

Development 48 ACBF’s new leadership

Interview 50 Reimagining Tunisia

The Culture Space 52 Kiswahili to the fore 54 An African Dr Who 56 London’s Africa Centre reborn 58 A glorious history

Around Africa 60 Nigeria: Election extravaganza takes off 64 Uganda: NGO fraudsters to feel lash of new laws 66 South Africa: Arrest of Guptas puts ethics under spotlight

The Sound of Africa 68 The world’s best choir Sport 70 African soccer star profile: Edouard Mendy 72 World Cup Preview: Ghana, Tunisia, Morocco Back to the Future 74 A golden opportunity squandered

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