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REGULARS 03 Welcome message | Jonathan Watkins

There is A LOT happening in securities services right now

06 News round-up

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82 Final thoughts | Assets under custody

Something is happening to custodians’ assets that hasn’t happened in a long time.

NEWS REVIEW 36 Soc Gen was left with little choice in

Russia, but what is the likely impact on the bank’s broader securities services strategy? The sale of Rosbank adds Russia to a growing list of country exits for Societe Generale Securities Services, with industry experts believing the custodian is now at a critical juncture for a business that requires scale, investment and a strategic growth focus.

IN DEPTH 20 Transfer agency: A simmering industry coming to the boil When people speak about transfer agency, they often use words like ‘overlooked’ and ‘underrated’, and for a long time they wouldn’t have been far off the mark. However, those close to market now paint a different picture as emerging technologies, value-added services and a more global proposition have given the industry a new buzz and a potentially new look for the future.

58 Accelerating: Mutual fund to ETF

conversions pick up momentum Mutual funds aren’t new and neither are ETFs, but the conversion from one to the other is a recent phenomenon gaining momentum among asset managers. Global Custodian assesses the reasons behind the trend and considers whether this could represent a full-scale swing in momentum towards ETFs.

MARKET REVIEW 24 Triparty: Who will manage the managers?

For much of their existence, triparty structures have been used primarily to support the financing needs of the sell-side. With a growing need for buy-side firms to manage collateral in new regulatory frameworks, what developments do triparty agents anticipate?

28 Race to net-zero drives carbon offset opportunities Institutional investors are diving deeper into the world of carbon offsets, and asset managers and asset servicers have opportunities to deliver new offerings to clients, ranging from data analysis on the impact of various offsets to accounting and reporting on these offsets.

32 Partial release: A missing piece to the settlement efficiency puzzle The obscure functionality developed by T2S could potentially help settlement efficiency rates improve by up to 5%, but it needs to be adopted by all players in the custody chain for it to work effectively. With the regulators keeping a watchful eye on failure rates and the threat of contentious mandatory buy-ins looming over the industry should efficiency not improve, partial release could play an important role in a more automated and efficient market.

4 Global Custodian Summer 2022

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