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Contents August 2022




1 Leaders 9 Diary Petroc Trelawney 40 August feast days 41 Letters 60 Meditations 62 The Herald’s Summer

Reading List 68 Crossword 69 On Pilgrimage with…

Christine Allen

News 10 UK News 12 Vatican News 14 US News 16 World News

18 Serenhedd James Past and present 19 Ken Craycraft The judiciary should interpret, not make, law 20 Olenka Hamilton Reflections on retreat 21 Niall Gooch Explaining the unfamiliar 22 Gavin Ashenden Resisting woke collectivism 23 Robert Verrill Animal magic

24 The smiling pope

The admirable legacy of John Paul I Simon Caldwell 26 Hot Holy Ladies Keepers of the

Catholic flame Simon Caldwell 28 Fr Gerald Murray

Is this New York priest the new Ronald Knox? William Cash 31 Is decency in enough? Without Christian values,

we are in deep trouble Fr Mark Vickers 32 A fighter for rights Baroness (Sheila) Hollins speaks to Simon Caldwell

34 An ecumenical matter On the reestablishment of the devotion to Our Lady of Walsingham Michael Yelton 36 Dobbs v Jackson On abortion and natural law David A Jones 37 Standards in public life A decline in religion is destroying the integrity of our public institutions Laura Perrins 38 A tale for our times John Gray’s fantastically relevant story Gertrude Clarke


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