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Contents SEPTEMBER 2005 | ISSUE 07 | VOLUME 35

Sucralose, pg 50

FEATURES 28 Photo story – Salt caravans of Niger Before the industrial revolution the

legendary camel caravans of the Sahara

numbered as many as 25,000 animals.

Today they are in their hundreds, but those

that remain still follow the same six week

journey’s from the south for the revered rock

salt of the north. By Kate Eshelby.

36 Aspartame COVER STORY: Once on the list of potential

Pentagon bioweapons… associated with

cancer and neurological disorders… banned

for years until a fi rm run by Donald Rumsfeld

lobbied his contacts in Washington to get it

legalised… and probably consumed by you

within the last 24 hours.

50 Life after Aspartame COVER STORY: Like Aspartame, artifi cial

sweetener Sucralose is apparently ‘safe’. So

why is Tate & Lyle so keen to suppress any

criticism of it?

52 A different way of seeing COVER STORY: How come so many twins can

sense what the other one is feeling when

they are many miles apart? Dr Rupert

Sheldrake’s startling theories suggest we are

far more connected to each other, and the

world, than we think.

58 Composting under fi re Do you fi nd separating your rubbish for

composting a chore? Imagine doing it in the

middle of a guerrilla war.

COMMENTS 16 One foot in the Third World COVER STORY: If the US economy carries on

its current decline, it will be a Third World

country by 2024.

18 Who was killed by Cock Robin? Americans don’t want to accept that one of

their most iconic birds might be carrying a

disease that’s killed hundreds of people.

21 With no one on their side They ignore Kyoto but create a new climate

deal. They threaten Iran but strike nuclear

deals with India. What’s the US doing?

22 Farming matters Do children learn more about the world in a

classroom or in a fi eld?

24 On a wing and a prayer COVER STORY: Why is the government so keen

to build more airports when the aviation

industry seems to be in terminal decline?

REGULARS 8 Upfront The affect of adverts on toddlers / Animal

free meat / The UK’s fi rst GM superweed

14 Dr Tatiana’s Sex Advice A praying mantis who keeps biting her lovers’

heads off gets some sound advice.

26 Behind the label: Clearasil deep cleansing 3 in 1 wash There is no known cure for acne. So why do

we spend millions on a product fi lled with

allergens and two known carcinogens?

65 Reviews Ecological Intelligence / The story of CND / Ry

Cooder’s new album / Websites of the month.

98 Reverend Billy The media love to crow about how Britain

has ‘carried on as normal’ since the bombing.

What’s so normal about how we live today?

green pages Your 32-page guide to ethical living

BOILING POINTLESS How to kill a crab and lobster humanely

DOMAINE LAGUERRE Wild fennel protected, Gravity pressed, Biodynamic wine from Perpignan

ESSENTIAL DIRECTORY More than 200 ethical organisations

SAVE OUR SHEEP… insulate your loft with British wool


Mitch Tonks feasts on nature’s viagra

Made from hemp and recycled tyres by workers paid a decent wage… Is this the most ethical shoe in the world?

SEPTGP67cover.indd 1

5/8/05 6:05:52pm

GREEN PAGES Our indispensable 32-page guide to ethical living

70 September in season… fruit and veg; wild fl owers 72 Seasonal recipes with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and River Cottage chef Gill Meller 72 Fruit & Veg Dorset Blue Vinny and Chilli Confi t, Tomato and Basil ice cream 74 Meat Beef Liver with slow cooked shallots and pork belly, and win the chance to learn how to correctly butcher a pig 76 Wine The joys of an organic vineyard in the fennel-covered hills of southern France 79 Fish inspiring oyster recipes 80 Humane ways of killing lobsters and crabs 81 Fashion Is the ‘Unswoosher’ the World’s most ethical shoe? 84 Home Sheep – the latest weapon against global warming 90 Directory Our essential listings of ethical suppliers 90 Baby / Career & Recruiting / Drink / Fish 91 Fruit & Veg box schemes 93 Fashion / Funerals / Gardens 94 Health / Beauty / Holidays 95 Home / Mail Order 96 Offi ce / Personals / Personal Finance / Personal Transport 97 Property / Recycling Services / Volunteering


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