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The European Business Review empowering communication globally




FUTURE SERIES Innovation – Now and for Generations to Come Ulrich A.K. Betz A Vision of the Future: Building a Smart Nation in Brunei Interview with Suzanna Suharju, CEO of Imagine


TOP EXECUTIVE EDUCATION PROGRAMMES WITH THE BEST ROI Understanding People: Applying Behavioural Science to Business Interview with Tim Mullett, Warwick Business School



LEADERSHIP A Compass for Chief Executive Officers and Chief Learning Officers Mihnea Moldoveanu and Das Narayandas Relooking at Compassionate Leadership Marut Bhardwaj


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Managing People’s Talent with Artificial Intelligence Guido Stein and Alberto Barrachina



PEOPLE MANAGEMENT Make Hiring a Delightful Employee Experience Avi Liran Don’t Hire for Culture Fit Ruchika Tulshyan


LEADERSHIP How to Empower your Employees to Adopt a Conscious Entrepreneurial Mindset Vlatka Ariaana Hlupic


SPOTLIGHT What the War in Ukraine Means for Business Paul Bracken


LEADING IN THE POST-COVID WORLD The Imperative of the Vigilant Corporation Jacques Bughin


CRISIS MANAGEMENT Strategic Leadership and Decision Making under Extreme Crisis Pedro B. Água



INNOVATION Fixing the Progression Paradox: One Way to Accelerate Social Mobility Simon Eaves, Camilla Drejer and Dominic King When Knowledge Makes Confident! David De Cremer


BRANDING Charisma and Brand Relevance: How to Achieve a Strong Corporate Identity Luigi Gentili


MANAGEMENT A Business Wealth Creation Roadmap Christopher H. Volk


SUPPLY CHAIN Social Media in B2B Supply Chain Management Christian Klein


INNOVATION The Metaverse and Web 3.0: Embedding Ourselves into the Internet Ray Schroeder


SUSTAINABILITY Reaching Net-Zero: Cities are Part of the Solution, not the Problem Guilherme Rodrigues


SUSTAINABLE FINANCE Intentional Money: Strategies for Sustainable Finance Vanina Farber, María Helena Jaén and Patrick Reichert


EDUCATION Towards A Visionary Prescriptive Transformation of Education, Part I: New Paradigms, New Reality, and a Distinct Reflection Mario Raich, Kristine M. Kawamura, Simon L. Dolan, Paweł M. Rowiński and Claudio Cisullo

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empowering communication globally

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