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One of summer’s highlights for Pat – turn to page 34 to discover more



: N


(Un)Happy Holidays!


EDITOR @busheditor

LAST Saturday I took my son to his friend’s birthday party after his football match. While the kids played and ate cake, I was making small talk with one of the dads. He told me that he had just been abroad to Spain – he was anything but happy, though. In fact, it looked as if he was housing a jalapeño plantation in his mouth.

After a lager shandy it all came out. He and the missus had a disagreement on the holiday and ended up flying back to the UK on separate flights. That was not all. The one morning he got up early to pay the pool guy 20 Euros for two pool loungers in a good position to watch his son swimming; when he turned up a little while later with his posse, he discovered his spot was sold to another family. Said dad was having none of it but the pool guy refused to give his 20 Euros back, instead he offered him some loungers miles away. A heated debate ensued and the cops were called. Not one but four. Sounds like a holiday from the depths of hell...

As I have been away the last couple of weekends at festivals and on camping trips, I decided to stay local for my holidays. Over time I have found some gems within a few miles of where I live, some on private land and others on public land. Just in case you were wondering, with regards to the former, I have befriended the land owners and they allow me to camp in their fields next to the river or under some trees, and I obviously leave the place in better condition than when I found it. They understand my love for the outdoors and I am another set of ears and eyes for them as I keep a lookout for anyone doing anything untoward. These little camping trips are so laid-back and stress-free – I don’t have to fight with 100 other Brits and Europeans for my spot next to the water.

Next week I am taking my son Isaac to Isle of Skye for a week. I know it ’s important for him to mix with other kids his own age and I have identified a campsite next to the ocean where he can do just that, but I have also done some research about wild camping spots where it will just be Isaac and I. Where we can have proper father and son time away from the crowds. Life is all about balance. Land Rovers and the open road help me to achieve that balance, even when on a holiday during the busy summer months.

I hope you all read my Billing Show report on page 44. Can you believe that this is already the October issue? Time flies when you’re out and about in your Land Rover having fun. Don’t forget we have two LRM 4X4 Spares Days in October, the first at Newbury on the 2nd and then on the 30th (my birthday) we have the Malvern one. See you at Newbury. For more details, and to save a few quid by getting a ticket in advance, see

PS: I love carrot cake.


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