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contents contents issue 108: Farm: from field to fabric


Textiles to buy, collect or admire

INTO A RHUBARB —Bella Gonshorovitz p.10 MOUNTAIN HIGH — Annie Oakley Waterman p.80


Critical reporting on fashion trends HANDWOVEN HERITAGE — Kate Cavendish p. 52 COUTURE FANTASY — Jill D’Alesandro p. 64


Textiles that Touch our Lives

A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING — Bradley Quinn p. 30

HIGH SEASON — Magali an Berthon p. 42 A GROWING AMBITION — Prasad Ramamurthy p. 58


From Craft to Commerce YAN TAN TETHERA — Judith D. Schwartz p. 22 STRAW POLE — Hilary Burns, Mary Butcher, Lorna Singleton,& Lois Walpole p. 46 TERRA FERMA —Sara-Ella Ozbek p. 74


Textiles from around the World

THE BEAUTIFUL EVERYDAY — Maria Kvitka p. 14 CULTURAL POLITICS & CLOTH — Julia Griffin p. 36

GO BANANAS — Anne Laure Camilleri p. 68


Out and About with Selvedge RUTH ASAWA — Corinne Julius p. 88 AFRICAN FASHION — Roselind Sinclair p. 90 SINGH SISTERS — Corinne Julius p. 92

New & Noteworthy

NOTICES — Happenings at Selvedge p. 01

NEWS — New & Noteworthy p. 07

COMING NEXT — Education & Empowerment p. 95

WORN — Kate Sekules p. 86 WOMAN’S WORK — Ruby Wilson p. 87 COLOUR SWATCH — Sarah Jane Downing p.96


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