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08 Wild Times

Catch up with all the latest developments and discoveries

34 Spiders to spot in September Mike Dilger on the wonderful spiders and webs you can find in the UK

38 Hidden Britain

Nick Baker goes rockpooling and tells the tale of a tiny filter-feeder

42 Cover feature:

puffin island Every year, tens of thousands of these little clowns make their way to the Welsh isle of Skomer

52 How many leaves are on a tree? Total leaf area is a good indicator of how much air pollution a tree can absorb. But how on Earth can you work it out?

58 Crocodiles of the Caribbean We head to Lago Enriquillo: home to the world’s largest population of American crocodiles

68 Why the world needs mosquitoes We may loathe some insect ‘pests’ but they are surprisingly important

72 Amazing ways that animals teach Teaching behaviour has been recognised in a growing group of animal species

78 Invasion of the

Viking mice DNA-analysis of island-dwelling voles and mice is revealing startling secrets about our ancient past

DON’T MISS... of the world’s rarest parrots, ready to start breeding in Brazil again Page 14


Mineral deposits add to the strangeness of Lago Enriquillo


We review the BBC’s Frozen Planet II book on p95

86 Q&A

Can trees solve climate change?

92 Go Wild

A new book reveals what it is like to be a nature reserve ranger

95 ID Guide

We point you in the direction of yummy fruits to pick now

98 Photo Club

This month’s competition

102 Your Letters

Join the debate

105 Crossword

Plus Spot the Difference

106 Tales from the Bush

A cacophony of calls revealed the presence of a powerful owl BBC WILDLIFE 7

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