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CLIMATE CHANGE A Nobel Prize in Physics That We Can All Understand Gary Yohe


POWER INFLUENCERS Vested Interest: When my Partner’s Success is my Success Interview with Kate Vitasek


INVESTMENT The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining European Golden Visa Residency Bluemina Citizenship & Residency


COMMENTARY Google’s Myth of Losing Social Capital in Hybrid Work Gleb Tsipursky


ORGANISATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Judgement Day for Psychologists? How Technology Has Arrived to Save the Day Ben W Morrison and J Michael Innes


CRYPTOCURRENCY The Nexus Between the Central Bank of Kenya and Private Providers of Cryptocurrencies Dorothy Muthoka


SUSTAINABILITY Transition Spaces: Could Gated Estates Evolve into Solar Estates in Africa’s Cities? Mark M Akrofi


FOREIGN INVESTMENT Caribbean: Economic Prospects and Impacts on Foreign Direct Investment Marcelo Fonseca


SHIPPING INDUSTRY The Maltese Shipping Industry & the Marine Environment: Recent Developments Jan Rossi


ENTREPRENEURSHIP Financing Entrepreneurship in Small Island Developing States Fazeel Najeeb and Peter Rudge


INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS The Russia–Ukraine War and Japan – Challenges Now and in the Future Fumiaki Kubo


REFUGEE CRISIS The Power and Complexity of Empathy in a Refugee Crisis Peter Sear


GREEN FINANCE To Meet Global Green Finance Needs, the EU and China Must Cooperate Christoph Nedopil and Mathias Lund Larsen


AGRICULTURE Comparing the East Asian and Latin American Countries: The Role of Agricultural Reforms in the Economic Transformation Kalim Siddiqui


BANKING How DBS Became the ‘World’s Best Bank’ Vinika Rao and Robin Speculand


COMMENTARY The Centre of International Insecurity Biden Administration, CNAS and WestExec: Revolving Doors, Collusion and Big Defence Dan Steinbock


EDUCATION Why is Girls’ Education Important for Climate Action? Christina Kwauk

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empowering communication globally

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