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contents WATER CRAFT w155 September/October 2022

9 The Gribble

Whatever happened to Saucy Sue?

10 Whisper – In Wood

Matt Newland has seen the future and it's wood; Dick Phillips and Peter Chesworth visit Swallow Yachts to see Matt's modern motorboat.

15 Sun, Sea & Small Boats

Cat Holman learns how lockdown in Greece became the catalyst for the Galaxidi Islands Regatta.

20 The Lady And The Tramp

After meeting Ben the boatbuilder Caroline Kocel rowed 60 miles across Scotland with him; a foretaste of a 280 mile inland voyage in France.

25 Build Your Own 15'(4.6m)

Light Skiff

The kind the Cornish call a Flashboat and perhaps, says Paul Gartside, it may well be his best performance rowing boat design yet.

32 Wooden Boat Weekend Organiser Colin Henwood and visitor

Kathy Mansfield share reflections on the first Wooden Boat Gathering.


36 Curing Foot Rot

How wooden boatbuilder Geoff Bowker fixed a problem lurking unseen during lockdown at the bottom of his dayboat's mast.

39 Making A Big Impression

You've seen the Netflix film The Dig, now read the sequel! Marc Fovargue Davies visits the 're-creation' of the Saxon burial ship excavated at Sutton Hoo, now in build in Suffolk.

44 Setting Up Shop

We invited experienced amateur builder Stephen Forster's thoughts on what's needed and what isn't if you want to build your own boat.

49 Scantlings For Modern

Wood Construction If you're building a small boat not a battleship, you really don't need all that extra reinforcement and expense, writes naval architect Julian Wolfram. 53 Grand Designs

There's more to small boat design than you might think. John C Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft goes into the details of his little Eastport Pram.

56 Design Your Own Boat

Naval architect Ian Nicolson on the advantages of simple wooden masts.


58 Beautiful Peagreen Boats

There'll be more than one new wooden boat at this year's Southampton show.

61 Subscribing to WaterCraft

No 'merch', just environmentally friendly and financially friendly subs.

Water Craft – ISSN1367-0895 – is published bi-monthly on the 4th Thursday of February, April, June, August & October and the 3rd Thursday of Pete Greenfield Publishing, Bridge Shop,

Gweek, TR12 6UD, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1326 221424. UK subscription rate for 6 issues (one year) is £33; Europe, USA & Canada: £36; Rest of World: £36/£45 – see Water Craft aims to inspire, inform and entertain readers interested in the design, construction and use of boats. Content is contributed by boating professionals and amateurs sharing their experiences.

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