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DEVELOPMENT The IMF: Handle with Caution Jessica Reed

EUROPE Over the Past 15 Years, Europe has Lurched from One Crisis to Another, with No End in Sight to this Era of Disruption. Elisabeth Krecké


CHINA Where is China Heading in the Fight Against the Pandemic? Junhua Zhang


INVESTMENT How Can Investors Protect their Portfolios in Times of Political Unrest? Giles Coghlan


MONEY What Will Determine the Future of Money? Michael B. Greenwald


FINANCIAL INDUSTRY Shaping the Global Financial Workplace Amanda Pullinger


PAYMENT Understanding Payment Rails – Everything Businesses Should Know Tom Bentley


SUPPLY CHAIN Supply Chain Mega Challenges – Current Status and Future Trends Edward Sweeney


When Logistics Meets Politics: The Moroccan Experience Gilles Paché


BUSINESS How to Develop a Long-Term Business Plan in the Current Economic Climate Connor Campbell










SUSTAINABILITY New Deal to Decarbonise Shipping isn’t Enough – Here’s How Global Trade Can Reach Net-Zero Wim Naudé

Reporting Environment, Social, and Governance Effectively and Ethically Tim Bovy and Ian Hodges

Car Sharing before and after the Pandemic Shari Saffran and Michael Palocz-Andresen

LEADERSHIP Public Speaking is Part of a Global Leader’s Toolkit Allison Shapira

Power to Teams David De Cremer

MENTAL HEALTH Mental Health: Pressure to Return to the Office Could be Making Employees More Anxious Sunita Sah

GENDER EQUITY Building and Sustaining Gender Equity in Financial Services: Within Reach? Alison Rogish and Neda Shemluck

TECHNOLOGY What Organisations Can Expect from the AI and Blockchain Merger Gaurav Sharma

DIGITAL MARKETING How Digital Marketing Can Help E-commerce Companies Build ROI in 2022 Jessica Wong

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empowering communication globally

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