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earlier, that they were kept up to date with the position.

He also believes their chances of success at Council level had been increased by the news, which naturally generated a great deal of positive publicity as well as pledges of financial backing.

He said: “We needed the community support, and at that point given the discussions and conversations we were having within the local community, it naturally would have started to stir rumours, and it wouldn’t have been fair on our supporters not to have got the full story at the outset.

“It’s a tricky one because sports clubs are very public-facing and they need to be aware that they need to do their best by their fans, and always keep them in the loop as much as possible.

“At the point we announced it in late June, it had been a month or so with our fans growing increasingly concerned that the closure of Armadale had been announced.

“We’d said we were working hard at it, but we hadn’t offered any detail on what that might be, so there was a lot of concern at that time and we couldn’t keep it under wraps any further.

“I don’t think it would have served our case any better. Ultimately we were aware that there were actually more interested parties on the site, and we believe they saw our case and perhaps backed off with bringing forward any bid.

“So we believe going public actually increased our chances of getting the site, and decreased the opposition and rival bids, but unfortunately there was this one other one which caused the problem.

“We’re pleased that the local community have been so supportive of what we’re looking to do, and ultimately we still want to deliver on that and secure the future of the Monarchs within the area.

“We want to bring all of the associated community benefits and programmes that we had all planned, and off the back of last Tuesday, and speaking with various Councillors, it’s clear that the support is still there.

“We believe we can try to continue a relationship with the Council to find a suitable site that works for all parties.

“They’ve given some indication that they are continuing to help and support, but obviously now we’ll have to be more aware of what that support might be when it comes to the crunch.”

Monarchs are clearly keeping all options on the table in a situation where, realistically, they would need a definite plan in place for ’23 within the next three months at the latest.

But Campbell has confirmed there have been no talks with rivals Glasgow, given the difficulties which have historically arisen with any track sharing arrangements in the sport.

In 1996 the Edinburgh promotion ran as one team at Glasgow’s Shawfield Stadium, taking on the name of the Scottish Monarchs



ILL a new World Champion be crowned on TV this week?

Bartosz Zmarzlik is on the brink of a third world title when he arrives in Malilla, Sweden, this weekend.

This, of course, will be beamed into our living rooms by Discovery+ and Eurosport.

The SGP coverage has been excellent this season, fronted with impeccable style by Kelvin Tatum. But perhaps his finest moment was a wonderful tribute to the Queen last weekend in Vojens, equally matched by the excellent respect shown by Speedway GP and the fans in Denmark.

It’s also wonderful that three Brits are in the top seven and GB have enjoyed three successful final appearances.

In a week when the UK has been celebrating the pomp and ceremony of the Royal Family, speedway may just be on the verge of Rule Britannia on the shale.

Back in British Speedway, BSN’s excellent Play-Off package for the Championship got off to a tough start with the Plymouth v Poole quarter-final rained-off. That was due to take place earlier this week.

Then it’s onto a fascinating Edinburgh and Redcar clash home and away on Friday and Saturday.

The Bears’ Lewis Kerr admitted: “It’s always tough against Edinburgh. But we’ll follow the same plan that got us through the KO Cup semi, keep it tight away and finish the job at home.

“We definitely won’t take anything for granted. The Monarchs will want to get revenge so we’ll be up for it.”


LIVE SPEEDWAY EUROSPORT 2/discovery+ SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17: Grand Prix of Sweden, Malilla, 5.30 pm. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18: British Final, Belle Vue, 3 pm. BRITISH SPEEDWAY NETWORK ( FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16: Edinburgh v Redcar, Championship Play-Off quarter-final first leg, 7 pm. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17: Redcar v Edinburgh, Championship Play-Off quarter-final second leg, 4.30 pm. CLUB STREAMINGS (all £11.99) EDINBURGH PLYMOUTH POOLE SCUNTHORPE REDCAR PREMIER SPORTS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20: Swedish League - Semi-Final 2, 6pm. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21: Danish League - Superfinal, 6 pm.

It’s also getting exciting in Swedish and Danish leagues, both reaching the Play-Off final stages and on Premier Sports.

• Robert Lambert aims for a third successive final in SGP in Malilla on Saturday on Eurosport. Picture: TAYLOR LANNING

after they had lost the use of Powderhall, but the move was unpopular with supporters of both clubs.

Campbell said: “We would have to have a clear direction as to where we were going, to be able to consider that as a stopgap.

“There’s been no discussion with Glasgow because it’s a really challenging one. It’s a relatively short distance from where we are at Armadale, but a lot of our fanbase comes from east of Armadale, and that makes the commute quite difficult.”

September 17, 2022 speedway star 5

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