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GLOBAL ECONOMY Is a Global Economic Recession Looming? Kalim Siddiqui

WORKPLACE Why a Recession will Boost Remote Work Gleb Tsipursky

BLOCKCHAIN Uncovering the Value of Blockchain Applications in the World of Finance Qiang Cheng



TECHNOLOGY Dancing Over the Technology Stack Dr Aleksander Poniewierski

INVESTMENT The Importance of Alternative Citizenship and Golden Passports to Investors Bluemina Citizenship and Residency


SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT Sustainable Investment and Green Financing in the British Virgin Islands Rachael Pape


OFFSHORING Offshore Jurisdictions: Sunny Places for Shady Business No More! Andrew James Perkins


INNOVATION Putting Voice to Work When Innovation Falls Behind David De Cremer and Patrick Mancel








OUTSOURCING Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules that Transform Outsourcing Kate Vitasek

SUPPLY CHAIN Reshaping Supply Chains In The Era Of Disruptions Guilherme F. Frederico

ENERGY Energy Security, Transition Risks and No Regrets: The Long-Term Strategies of the Oil Majors Mathieu Blondeel and Mike Bradshaw

UNITED STATES More Innovation Can Creatively Destroy Firearm Violence Dan Prud’homme

ASEAN The Relevance of ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangements in Human Resource Development John Paolo R. Rivera and Tereso S. Tullao, Jr.

VIETNAM Differing Cultural Perceptions of High School Employment: A Vietnam Case Study David Nguyen

ISLAMIC FINANCE Improving Food Security through Islamic Finance Ali Chamani Al Anshory and Wahyu Jatmiko

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empowering communication globally

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