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34 Arnhem Land


P a z

T a s s o n e

M a r j a

H e l a n d e r

30 Solju

UPFRONT 06 Top of the World CD 10 What’s New 15 Folk Focus 16 Introducing…

Owen Spafford & Louis Campbell and Aliaksandr Yasinski 19 Spotlight:

Zülfü Livaneli 20 Simon Says 21 Letters

FEATURES 22 Songlines Music

Awards 2022 The World Pioneer and Newcomer winners 24 Erol Josué

Innovative visions of a vodou high priest 30 Solju

The Sámi duo taking tradition to the masses 34 Arnhem Land

Unearthing the next generation of storytellers 38 VRï

Meet the fiddle trio rewriting Welsh history 40 Year of the Karaim

Mighty minority music from Eastern Europe

REVIEWS 50 Africa 54 Americas 58 Europe 62 Asia 63 Middle East 64 Fusion 68 Classical & Jazz 69 Live Reviews

38 VRï

J e n n i e

C a l d e l l

REGULARS 72 My World:

Julián de la Chica 74 Beginner’s Guide to

The Unthanks 79 Postcard from

Tumaco, Colombia 81 My Instrument:

Son Rompe Pera and the marimba 83 Quickfire 85 Gig Guide 89 Soapbox 90 Essential 10:

Vodou albums

“Traditional groups find it hard to reach a wider audience and often get undervalued at home”

Simon Broughton on why countries should d ”

celebrate their native folk music, p89


24 Erol Josué

24 Ero


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