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CONTENTSDecember 2022 • Volume 94 • Issue 12


22MINEFIELDSAngola has been blighted by the legacy of a long civil war. Tommy Trenchard reports on the on-going efforts to rid the land of anti-personnel mines


PRISON ISLAND One of Europe’s last prison islands is one of Italy’s most progressive penal institutions. Tisa Frederico reports from Gorgona


ALL AT SEA New research has identified 15 emerging issues having an impact on our oceans


GOLDEN MISERY The highest settlement on Earth is one of the grimmest places to live

RGS panel

50 Find out more about the benefits of joining at

Find out more about the benefits of joining at

OUT OF CAPE TOWN The streaming giant Netflix is turning to Africa to find growth

DEPARTMENTS WORLDWATCH 6 Greening Sinai 8 Urban farming 9 Climatewatch 11 I’m a geographer:

James Scourse 13 Tim Marshall on Xi Jinping 14 Research round-up 20 Geo-graphic: air pollution

REGULARS 58 Reviews 62 Gallery: Kite flying 68 Geo-photographer: Jan Banning 75 Discovering Britain: Glen Etive 76 RGS Archive 78 In Society. RGS events 80 Where in the world? 81 Crossword 82 Next month

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