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Magazine of Modern Arab Literature

Abdelfattah Kilito

Katia Al-Tawil

Adonis, Abdelfattah Kilito, Katia Al-Tawil, Najwa Barakat, Anton Shammas, Nizar Aghri, Nouri Al-Jarrah, Jamila Omairah, Ann El Safi, Walid Hermiz, Amir Sommer, Rawi Hage, Jamal Fayez,

Maisoon Saqer, Thaer Deeb, Menna Abo Zahra,

Farouk Yousif, Sherine Morsi, Ghalib Halasa

Remembering Ardash Kakafian

Maisoon Saqer

Thaer Deeb

Menna Abo Zahra

10 Editorial: Banipal’s Twenty-Five Years

REMEMBERING ARDASH KAKAFIAN 14 Farouk Yousif: Ardash Kakafian, a painter who looked to the past with a strong nostalgia for Baghdad 21 Sherine Ahmed Morsi: Ardash Kakafian, a big man with a huge heart LITERARY INFLUENCES 24 Najwa Barakat: Writing is a Test and an Ordeal

TRANSLATOR’S NOTEBOOK 34 Anton Shammas on Emile Habiby: Writing Inside yet Outside the Box

40 Abdelfattah Kilito: On Averroes’s Balcony,

translated from the French by Nadia Naami and Christina Civantos from Le Cheval de Nietzsche 57 Jamila Omairah: A short story My Name is

Suleimani, translated by Samira Kawar (online only) 58 Rawi Hage: A short story The Shepherd 62 Katia Al-Tawil: Excerpt from the novel Heaven is

More Beautiful from a Distance, translated by Nancy Roberts 73 Ammar Al-Mamoun reviews Heaven is More

Beautiful from a Distance


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