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front 07 EMBROIDERY LOVES The art of nostalgia 08 NEWS Some stories to take note of 09 GUILD GRADUATES Two to watch 10 FRESH TALENT Ella Kearvell’s art dolls 12 PREVIEW OF 2023 A riot of new exhibitions jostling for your attention




features 14 THE SEWING ROOM ‘A room of one’s own’ has special significance for Liz Cooksey whose kitchen table making competed with feeding three hungry boys, but now she finally has her own ordered space. 16 SCULPTURES IN THREAD Pippa Haynes of Lemon Pepper Studio, married to a farmer, lives by the seasons and her exquisite art and stitch kit creations follow suit. 20 IT’S ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU BLUSH Victoria McIntosh uses big knickers to create some arresting artworks. 22 CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR Robin McCarthy addresses some of the biggest issues of the day through her art, such as racism, gun-crime and the environment. 26 OF LIFE AND DEATH Mourning the loss of her husband, Kate Tume started making death masks in brilliant hues, helping her cope with her grief. 32 COVER: BRIGHT IDEAS Libby Ashdown, who practises the ancient art of passementerie, is something of an endangered species, but is making passementerie relevant to modern-day life through eye-popping colour. 36 CATCHING UP WITH ANNE KELLY Anne Kelly reflects on the art of necessity that we encountered during lockdowns and how that affected her artworks. 40 FIRST PERSON: SALLY SPINKS Sally Spinks writes of her Random Acts of Kindness series, sure to enchant, and her work on the now ubiquitous tattoo. 42 IN HIGH SPIRITS Karolina Dworska chats to Woo Jin Joo about her work on the ‘Dokkaebi’ or Korean goblin. 46 MATERIAL MATTERS: LILIAN DRING After a serendipitous trip to the Southbank Centre where she discovered The Patchwork of the Century, June Hill researches its makers. 48 COLOSSAL CROSS-STITCH Raquel Rodrigo’s street art cross-stitch, in giant form, is quite the thing on the continent. 52 OUR ‘LABEL CULTURE’ Joy Pitts brings pointed meanings to her work. 56 UKRAINIAN WAR ART Anastasiia Podervianska on working in Ukraine.

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reviews 39 BOOKS

The Letters of Rosemary and Bernadette Mayer, 1976-1980 On Mending by Celia Pym 51 OUT AND ABOUT EXHIBITIONS 54 Preview: National Gallery masterpiece tour: Tobias and the Angel 55 The Singh Twins: Slaves to Fashion 57 Magdalena Abakanowicz: Every

Tangle of Thread and Rope 58 WHAT’S ON


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