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Zannah Matson, Christopher Alton, Camille-Mary Sharp Elisha Lim Shalon T. Webber-Heffernan editorial 14 Chinatown by Steph Wong Ken publisher's letter 16 Pressing Foward by Kate Monro features 18 Artificial Artefacts Michelle Bui and Shellie Zhang in conversation 25 AKA and Jin Jin Cuisine by Tak Pham 29 Linda Mae’s: An Architectural Past Life by Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong 32 The Spatial Imaginaries of Karen Tam 譚嘉文

by Charlene K. Lau 38 Queer Asian Diaspora as Sensibility: A Conversation With Rachel Lau of Queer Reads Library by amanda wan

44 Vancouver Photohistory and the Politics of Disappearance by Godfre Leung 49 Resisting Either/Or: Shanzhai Photogrammetry by Linda Zhang and Peter Sealy 55 A Garden in Chinatown on Indigenous Land by Shawn Tse composition 62 Dear Nellie by Elisa Yon one thing 64 Morris Lum’s Tong Yan Gaai by Annie Wong tilling 84 How grunt gallery Advocates for Disability Justice in the Arts by Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch artist project 0–5, 88–89 The Spirit of Apollo by Simon Fuh Text by Sanaa Humayun

COVER IMAGE Karen Tam, Arbre à souhaits/Chinatown Wishing Tree (detail), 2021, 1300 wishes written on Tyvek tags, plastic balls, flagging tape, 15.24 m x 6.09 m x 6.09 m PHOTO: KIM SOON TAM; ©, COURTESY OF: KAREN TAM

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