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CONTENTSJanuary 2023 • Volume 95 • Issue 1


22HIGH&DRYThe Colorado River no longer reaches the Gulf of California, sucked dry by over-exploitation and drought. What does it mean for the millions of people dependent on its waters?


SRI LANKA Nick Redmayne reports from an island trying to recover from a tumultuous year


DOSSIER Pastoralists are running out of space to roam just when we need their low-impact lifestlye

RGS panel

48 Find out more about the benefits of joining at

Find out more about the benefits of joining at

SHINING WATERS A hugely ambitious project to rewild Argentina’s wetlands

DEPARTMENTS WORLDWATCH 6 Lightning strikes 8 AI border checks 11 Submerged canyons 12 Research round-up 15 Climatewatch 17 Tim Marshall on Ukraine 18 Interview: Andrew Glester 20 Geo-graphic: Spy cameras

REGULARS 56 Reviews 60 Gallery: Nature

Conservancy winners 69 Discovering Britain 70 Geo-photographer: Rachael Talibart 76 RGS Archive 78 In Society. RGS events 80 Where in the world? 81 Crossword 82 Next month

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