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A  JOURNAL  ON  RACISM,  EMPIRE  AND  GLOBALISATION Volume 64 January–march 2023 Number 3

Seeing off Empire: the life of Pearl Prescod


JENNY BOURNE, ANYA EDMOND-PETTITT and CHRIS SEARLE Breaking the ‘colour bar’: Len Johnson, Manchester and anti-racism


SHIRIN HIRSCH and GEOFF BROWN Legacy, truth and collusion in the North of Ireland


Mark McGovern Book Reviews

The World in a Grain of Sand: postcolonial literature and radical universalism 90 by Nivedita Majumdar (Pranav Jani) Reconsidering Reparations 96 by Olúfemi O. Táíwò (Franklin Obeng-Odoom) Violent Order: essays on the nature of police 99 edited by David Correia and Tyler Wall (Micah Herskind) Work and the Carceral State 105 by Jon Burnett (China Mills) Can Global Capitalism Endure? 107 by William I. Robinson (Jerry Harris) The Suspect: counterterrorism, Islam, and the security state 111 by Rizwaan Sabir (Frances Webber)

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