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30 COVER FEATURE THE RAINBOW FUTURE OF HIP HOP: It was once renowned for its homophobia, but rap music has unleashed itself from its hypermasculine strait-jacket, opening the door to a new generation of queer and proud rappers

I’m allowing kids to believe that this ocean belongs to them too. And if it belongs to them, they can protect it – they become ocean guardians p55

Champion of the people 38 Jack Monroe on how to eat well in a cost of living crisis



Restoring Britain’s lost rainforests 46 Guy Shrubsole wants to return our remaining fragments to their former glory

The black mermaid 55 A freediver is changing the narrative of who belongs in the water

Right on the money 56 Rory Stewart wants us to swap international aid for direct cash payments

Seven ways to f nd joy outdoors in winter 60 From waxwings to Myxomycetes, the best things to spot in winter

Five hottest trends in sustainable business 64 Where Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard leads, others are following

Uncharted waters 66 How small-scale hydroelectricity projects can help the energy crisis

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