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Cailleach Beara in West Cork is an ancient rock representing an old Irish female deity 6


Melanie McDonagh’s Notebook ‘Benedict grasped the sheer scale of the crisis of faith in the West’ / 7

Shelagh Fogarty ‘A quiet voice told these schoolchildren that they could be saints in their lives’ / 10

REGULARS Letters 14 The Living Spirit 15 Word from the Cloisters 16 Puzzles 16 Ethical Kitchen 30 Glimpses of Eden 30

CONTENTS 14 JANUARY 2023 // VOL 277 NO. 9485


4 / The year of Storm Francis The next twelve months are shaping up to be an intense and dramatic period for the Church, both globally and in England and Wales / BY CHRISTOPHER LAMB

6 / A welcome at the edge of the world Dorothy Day’s granddaughter explores the idea of creating a “house of hospitality”

by the wild Atlantic Ocean / BY KATE HENNESSY

8 / Will we wave goodbye to a sustainable future? The real action on implementing solutions to climate change will increasingly happen away from the big global summits / BY CARMODY GREY

9 / More mayhem is yet to come Our lobby correspondent offers her annual reflection on the current state of

UK politics and her predictions for 2023 / BY JULIA LANGDON


11/ Monastery of unity

Ahead of the week of prayer for Christian unity an Anglican priest celebrates the role of the ecumenical monks of Chevetogne / BY NICHOLAS SAGOVSKY

13 / Why wasn’t the big day as jolly as we hoped? This week’s dispatch from the happiness front line considers how we should try to manage our expectations / BY RACHEL KELLY


23 / The Church in the World / News briefing 24 / Uproar over President’s asylum policy extension

26 / View from Rome 27 / News from Britain and Ireland / News briefing

28 / Invitations to celebrate World Peace Day



Michael Glover The Translations of Seamus Heaney ED. MARCO SONZOGNI Madoc Cairns All Sorts of Life: Katherine Mansfield and the Art of Risking Everything CLAIRE HARMAN Lucy Beckett We Could Have Been Friends, My Father and I: A Palestinian Memoir RAJA SHEHADEH Patrick Hudson The Jesuit Mission in Early Modern Ireland: 1560c.1760 ED. BRIAN MAC CUARTA SJ AND MARY ANN LYONS

ARTS / PAGE 20 Exhibition Vermeer GREGOR J.M. WEBER Theatre Kerry Jackson MARK LAWSON Television Colosseum LUCY LETHBRIDGE Radio The Confessional D.J. TAYLOR

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14 JANUARY 2023 | THE TABLET | 3

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