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lJtoca,r EDtro!l Maurice A. Smith o.F:o. aPORTA EDIToR Peter Garnier ASSraTANT EDaToRB Leonard A. Ayton, Ronald Barker MIDLAND EDITC,R EdWATd EVES aRT EDTTOB Horvard vySe

22 MAY r 964


Three Don'ts A NOTHER public holiday weekend has come and A gone in Great Britain, with i,ts pleasures or r' r' sorrows as well as all the frustratiqrs and dangers on the roads. Have there beeo any improve- ments in road condidons? Precious few so far as we know; the occasional clearwaywherehardly anyone stops at the roadside, a few more danger spots and bottle- necks rerxroved, a 50 m.p.h. speed limit on some roads which delays off-peak travellers and prhaps encour- ages dawdlers oo the road to go a litde faster than their ersr'rhile 25 But that is all.

\[/e never like to complain or criticize without trying to make a few constructive comments as well, and we are well aware how difficult it is to find enpedients that would be effective in solving a problem so basic as having too many vehicles uying to use too few roads at critical times of the daY and Year.

If one takes a look at traffic problems and road accidents on a worldwide scale it becomes clear that cerain factors are couunon to all advanced countries and narions. They stem as much as anything fro*n the nature of humao beings-their urueliability, irrconsistency and perversity. There are other matters, however, which have been tackled successfully in one or more countries but not in the rest. Here surely is a chance fo'r the have-nots to learn from the haves.

Motorists can be persuaded or induced to change their habits almoet overnight, if the authorities campaigrr in the right way. A simple example is the use of horns in Paris. At one time the city had become a bedlam of hoots and beeps and driving seerned alnost impossible without a horn. Yet the habit was stopped dead in its uacks and comparative silence reigd' Public opinion as much as the law now enforces the no-hooting rule.

Three most important shortcomings to be tackled in Britain have already been atternpted with some su@ess elsewhere, therefore we know it can be done. One is the habit of some drivers of stopping casually on a main road regardless of the inconvenience and danger to orhers. Just let thern try it in America ! Thc second is the way in which sorne people think it reasonablc to step off the pavenrent (sidesralk) and walk in and out of the trafrc regardless of crossings and colour-light signals. The third is the practi,ce, particularly by the drivers of delivery vans, of parking right up to and even on irrtersections and corners, sometimes drivlng against the uaffic suearns to park on the wrong side of the road.

These three habits should be stopped at otrce because they are obctructive, dangerous ard selfistr, as well as being unnecessary to the individuals. Traffic flow and safety whether on holiday journeys or peak-hour commuting would beneft enormously if these habits were forbidden. Mr. Marples. has the power and iust enough time to see to his part of it. !7hat are we waiting for?



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