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StandStandVolume 20 (4)


John Whale Vuyelwa Carlin

John Greening Peter Armstrong

W. S. Milne Tony Curtis William Virgil Davis

Ruth Wiggins Charles Wilkinson

Laurie Bolger Michael Penny Jila Mossaed, trans. by

Nicola Vulpe

I. J. Fenn Gray Kochhar-Lindgren

Kevin Cahill Beatrice Teissier

David Ball Ron Riekki James Brasfield

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Editorial Three Poems Into the Rose Garden Two Poems Steelmen Two Poems Wales Three Poems Two Poems Two Poems Two Poems Four Poems Where the scent of pomegranate... After Magritte #2: The Art of the Assassins Three Poems Four Poems Two Poems Four Poems Three Poems

Jessica Harkins Christine Koutelieri

Hideko Sueoka

Anna Seidel Nazli Karabiyikoglu, trans. by Gözde Solak

Dorothy Cornish Herbert Woodward Martin

Andrew Pidoux Martin Bennett Michael Greavy

Gary Allen Robert Dorsett Martin Yates John Paul Davies

Robert Gibb Isabelle Thompson

Gareth Culshaw Augustus Young

Ben Morgan

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Mine Two Poems Three Herbs Charm Two Poems The Lubunya Sandpit Full of Dice On the Flyleaf of Close Range Two Poems Three Poems Two Poems Godzilla Two Poems Two Poems Molly’s Igloo Two Poems Three Poems I Watched Him Take Down a Tree The Blaze of Glory Two Poems

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