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20 Lucas Santtana

J é r o m e i t z

R i t a

C a r m o

38 Kimi Djabaté

28 Guts

B e t r a n d

N i q u e l

UPFRONT 06 Top of the World CD 08 What’s New 12 Folk Focus 13 Songlines Encounters

Festival 2023 14 Introducing…

Firelight Trio and Morena Leraba 17 Spotlight:

Jerusalem Orchestra East & West 18 Simon Says 19 Letters

FEATURES 20 Lucas Santtana

Bahia singer’s sanguine search for paradise 24 Discos Pacífico

Rise of the Colombian record studio and NGO 28 Guts

Groove-master’s global dream team assembles 30 Guide to Sevdah

Deep dive into the Bosnian blues 38 Kimi Djabaté

Checking in with the griot game-changer

“Message and music mesh into a powerful revolutionary mix that functions like the proverbial stone in the pond of complacency” Read Bram Posthumus’ consideration of Cape Verdean music in the post-Cesaria era , p81


REVIEWS 44 Africa 46 Americas 50 Europe 56 Asia 57 Middle East 58 Fusion 64 Classical & Jazz 65 Live Reviews

REGULARS 66 My World:

Shehan Karunatilaka 68 Beginner’s Guide to

Majid Bekkas 70 Festival Pass:

Welcome in Tziganie 73 Dispatch from

Sharm-el Sheikh, Egypt 75 Quickfire 77 My Instrument:

Chen Ming-chang and his yueqin 78 Gig Guide 81 Soapbox 82 Essential 10:

Global Supergroups

24 Discos Pacífico

24 Discos s P





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