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Cover story: Africa’s demographic dilemma: What jobs will there be for the continent’s youth?

Business Intelligence 4 News and deals around Africa

Opinion 8 What does the next World Bank president need to learn? 10 Air links: How Africa can pilot a new route to prosperity

Cover story: Demographic dilemma 12 As Africa’s population rises,

will there be enough jobs for its young people? 18 In numbers: Sixty years of demographic change

Special report: Women on the board 20 Women gain ground in Africa’s boardrooms 24 Women in the boardroom in data 26 Interview: ‘Women did not have a proper place in business life,’ says Lynda Aphing-Kouassi

Special report: Nigeria’s election 34 Buhari leaves a stricken economy 36 Nigeria in numbers 38 How Nigerian startups could do more for democracy

Features 40 Africa’s entertainment and media industry is at a crossroads

44 Interview: ‘Shows made in

Africa, by Africans, get watched around the world,’ says Ben Amadsun, Director of Content, MEA, Netflix 46 World Bank shakeup raises hopes and heated debate 48 Are African stock exchanges fit for pur pose? 52 Can Islamic finance ride on the coattails of green bonds? 54 Dark times may lie ahead for

South Africa’s banks 56 What you need to know about

Africa’s debt distress 58 Time for Africa to feed itself –

outcomes of the Dakar 2 summit 60 Southern Africa blackouts raise doubts over hydro’s future role 64 Can Italy expand its natural gas ties with Libya?

Countryfiles 68 ‘Hustler Fund’ offers hope to

19m Ke ny a n s 70 Should China be blamed for

Zambia’s debt talks holdup? 72 Guinea’s junta seems set to backtrack on mining pledges

Editor’s view 74 How far do shares need to fall before women’s rights improve?

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