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9 Teufelskeller “Persecution And Clemency” (edit) From Teufelskeller (WV Sorcerer Productions) Teufelskeller (which, their label’s Bandcamp site says, means Devil’s Dungeon) came to life in late 2020 when Anton Ponomarev (saxophone/ electronics), Konstantin Korolev (bass/electronics) and drummer Andrey Kim joined forces in Moscow’s free jazz and improv underground. With Ponomarev also a member of several punk-avant-jazz-noise outfits, Korolev an extreme metal and free improv enthusiast, and Kim (since replaced by Maxime Hänsenberger) a percussionist and electronics artist, the trio’s self-titled debut attacks improvisation from all angles.

11 Left Hand Cuts Off The Right “Right Kind Of Personality” From Free Time/Dead Time (Brachliegen Tapes) Left Hand Cuts Off The Right is the project of London based musician and sound artist Robbie Judkins, who plays, composes and improvises with bent electronics, acoustic instruments, field recordings, loops and effects. Free Time/Dead Time combines elements of focused minimalism, experimental electronics and musique concrète to create a series of meditative compositions that reflect the precarious boundaries between labour, leisure and the quality of lived experience under late capitalism. brachliegentapes.bandcamp. com, robbiejudkins

13 Inferion “Weakness (Dim Past Remix)” From Maternity Ward To Crematorium (Schematic) Formed in Miami in 1995, Inferion have been purveyors of extreme, death, black and many different genres of metal. They have toured Europe as well as North and South America and have released eight studio albums ranging across the metal spectrum. Maternity Ward To Crematorium sees acts ranging from industrial techno producer Blush Response to electroacoustic artist Drowning The Virgin Silence pay tribute by remixing their catalogue. The group’s new album Inequity is forthcoming on the HPGD label. inferion. net, schematicmusiccompany.

15 Baskot Lel Baltageyya “Baskot (Biscuits)” From Baskot Lel Baltageyya (Akuphone) Featuring Cairo musician and producer Adham Zidan (The Invisible Hands), audiovisual project Baskot Lel Baltageyya playfully bridges the gap between experimental and pop music. Inspiration comes from shaabi music, old Egyptian TV scores, early electronic music and Western psychedelia, while their lyrics tap into the dark absurdist humour prominent in 1990s Egyptian popular culture.

10 Mads Emil Nielsen featuring Victor Dybbroe “Installation – 2” (edit) From Black Box 3 (arbitrary) Copenhagen musician and composer Mads Emil Nielsen works with basic sound sources, often combined with short percussive and orchestral samples, and the amplification of machine produced errors. In 2014 he founded the label and artistic platform arbitrary, on which he has released the Framework series of graphic scores and recordings, as well as solo works and collaborations including the Percussion Loops EP, the album Refound with Andrea Neumann, and his Black Box series of works originally made for theatre, dance performances and radio soundtracks.,

12 Sourdurent “Fuelha de Peira, Peira de Bòst” From L’herbe de détourne (Bongo Joe) Following in the footsteps of 2018’s L’Espròva and the previous year’s instrumental Mantras, both mostly solo efforts released under the Sourdure moniker, Ernest Bergez joins Jacques Puech, Elisa Trebouville and Loup Uberto to explore the possibilities of a collective energy. The traditional repertoire from France’s Massif Central mutates and hybridises with invented forms inspired by traditional Greek, Persian and North African music, while the region’s Occitan language provides both musical material and a poetic and emotional springboard. sourdure.bandcamp. com,

14 Twin Color “Going Home” (edit) From Twin Color (InFiné) Twin Color is the new alias of Fernando Corona, the Mexican producer who as Murcof released ambient albums such as Martes, Utopia, Remembranza and Cosmos on The Leaf Label. Working with graphics designer Geilfus to create a video game counterpart to his sonic worldbuilding, Twin Color offers a futurist nostalgia where sweeping Blade Runner-esque analogue synthesis combines with the voice of Corona’s four year old daughter Alina. twincolormusic, infine-music. com/twin-color

16 Pas Musique “Inevitable” From Shaman (Alrealon Musique) Pas Musique emerged from Brooklyn, New York in 1995 as musician/painter Robert L Pepper’s solo project. Through its many experimental and electronic iterations, he has collaborated with Faust, Martin Bisi, z’ev, Philippe Petit, HATI, Chester Hawkins and Jim Tuite; and Rapoon aka Robin Storey on the two Confluences releases of 2021 and 2022.,

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