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Dangerous liaisons, p37

ARTS 40 Yevheniia Moliar

Ukraine must stop pulling down its public statues 42 Exhibitions

The Van de Veldes Laura Gascoigne 43 Cinema

Champions Deborah Ross 44 Cosmo Landesman on selling a destroyed piano to the Tate 45 Theatre

Women, Beware the Devil; Akedah Lloyd Evans 46 Pop

Butler, Blake and Grant; The Loft Michael Hann Television

Kathy Burke: Growing Up; We Need to Talk About Cosby James Walton 48 Opera

London Handel Festival; Birmingham Opera Company Richard Bratby

Mark of Caine, p24


LIFE 53 High life Taki Low life Jeremy Clarke 54 Real life Melissa Kite 56 The turf Robin Oakley Bridge Janet de Botton AND FINALLY . . . 50 Notes on… Corsets

Francesca Peacock 58 Chess Luke McShane

Competition Lucy Vickery 59 Crossword Doc 60 No sacred cows

Toby Young Battle for Britain Michael Heath 61 The Wiki Man

Rory Sutherland Your problems solved Mary Killen 62 Drink

Bruce Anderson Mind your language Dot Wordsworth

Stockholm syndrome, p22

This must be the first period in 300 years when a normal English person has not heard of port. Charles Moore, p11

I became an actor because I wanted to kiss a girl, and I got to kiss all of them, so I thought it a good profession. Michael Caine, p24

With the £500 Tumi bag, the act of retrieving a USB cable requires you to contend with so many pouches, zips, belts, buckles and straps, it’s like making love to a goth. Rory Sutherland, p61


James Heale is The Spectator’s new political correspondent and a biographer of Liz Truss. He profiles Simon Case, the cabinet secretary, on p14.

Viv Groskop, who wonders on p32 if travel writing is dead, is the author of books including Lift As You Climb: Women and the Art of Ambition.

the spectator | 11 march 2023 |

Tessa Dunlop’s latest book is Elizabeth and Philip: A Story of Young Love, Marriage and Monarchy. She looks at Edward VIII’s wartime shenanigans on p37.

Hugh Thomson, who plunges into the Amazon on p39, is the author of Cochineal Red: Travels Through Ancient Peru.

Yevheniia Moliar is a Ukrainian art historian and a member of the DE NE DE art collective. She argues that Ukraine should be preserving its Soviet monuments on p40.


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