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74 Editor’s letter

80 Contributors

512 Stockists

538 Appendix

AnOther Thing I Wanted to Tell You … 86 Ibby Njoya

88 Emma Cline

90 Hayv Kahraman

92 Travis Alabanza

94 Georgia Ellery

96 Jayden Ali, Meneesha Kellay, Sumitra Upham and Joseph Zeal-Henry

98 Tschabalala Self

100 Quintessa Swindell

102 Tilly Lawless

104 Maryam Keyhani

106 Ve n n a

108 Shirin Neshat

110 Karoline Vitto

112 Calvin Royal III

AnOther Loves 118 The God of Small Things Photography Sebastian Lager Styling Chloe Grace Press

14 0 Courrèges

142 Willy Chavarria

14 4 AZ Factor y

14 6 On Liberty Photography Cruz Valdez Styling Kyle Luu

156 Man of Mode Photography Conor Clinch Styling Rudi Edwards

16 4 Light and Sleek Photography Darren Gwynn Styling George Krakowiak

174 Seventh Moon Photography Casper Sejersen Styling Ellie Grace Cumming

188 The Machine Stops Photography Trinity Ellis Styling Jordan Duddy

198 Within a Budding Grove Photography Julie Greve Styling Bianca Raggi

208 Dream of the Red Chamber Make-up Siobhan Furlong Photography Chieska Fortune Smith Styling Molly Shillingford

Fashion Part One 216 Through the Looking-Glass Photography Alessio Bolzoni Styling Rebecca Perlmutar and Jordan Duddy

236 Fancy His Surprise When He Noticed That These Eyes Moved Artist Frida Orupabo Styling Raphael Hirsch

248 I Want Poetry, I Want Real Danger, I Want Freedom, I Want Goodness. I Want Sin Photography Larissa Hofmann Styling Akeem Smith

264 Les Femmes Ne Connaissent Pas Toute Leur Coquetterie Photography Jet Swan Styling Rebecca Perlmutar

280 At the Bottom of Her Heart, However, She Was Waiting for Something to Happen Photography Jack Day Styling Ai Kamoshita

Mirror 296 Cate Blanchett Photography Harley Weir Styling Robbie Spencer In conversation with Maggie Nelson

326 Yves Tumor Photography Joshua Woods Styling Ellie Grace Cumming In conversation with Kembra Pfahler

348 Shygirl Photography Charlotte Wales Styling Nell Kalonji In conversation with Björk

366 Diego Calva Photography Collier Schorr Styling Ellie Grace Cumming Words Hannah Lack

386 Gucci Photography Viviane Sassen Styling Katie Shillingford

402 Shalom Photography Senta Simond Styling Agata Belcen

414 Trussardi Photography Thue Nørgaard Styling Katie Shillingford In conversation with Emma Hope Allwood

440 Raf Photography Willy Vanderperre Styling Olivier Rizzo In conversation with Susannah Frankel and Alexander Fury

Fashion P a r t Tw o 474 Pastoral Pleasure Photography Bibi Borthwick Styling Katie Shillingford

496 The Ambassadors Photography David Luraschi Styling Imruh Asha

Document Guest-edited by Martine Rose

Art Project 514 Y-3 Atelier Photography Daido Moriyama Styling Robbie Spencer Words Susannah Frankel and Katie Kitamura

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