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Michael Volpe OBE The industry needs reviewing and revision in many respects; but we need less heat and more light and decisions that are not abrupt, are better planned, considered and thought out, and alternatives - if an alternative is even the best option - to be made clear.

Bethan Langford Feeling like I want to take action but don’t know how/ feeling powerless - signing petition and writing to MP doesn’t feel enough. But if we strike we don’t get paid. The freelance model leaves us all vulnerable and with no rights - whole industry going that way

Ella Jarman-Pinto My biggest opportunities in my career as a composer have come from the @ BBCSingers and @BBCRadio3. From a working composer’s perspective, where there is already little to no financial value placed on the work you do, when you see the rare salaried performing musicians losing their stability and income in exchange for ‘flexibility’, you know that it’s just a ruse for paying skilled musicians less.

Paul Plummer I work freelance in German opera houses, am currently in Wiesbaden, one of many theatres in this country that match the top level attainable in the UK. Here however, the theatre company - in a state capital (Hessen) with population of around 300,000 - puts on approximately SIX HUNDRED performances a year, of which probably 90100 are opera/concert. Each region of Germany has its own broadcaster, incidentally, with its own full-time salaried chamber choir. Looking back across the channel, it’s just embarrassing what’s happening in the UK.

Jessica Walker We’re at the stage where we’re training singers to leave the country. Also, the long term results of the cuts will mean we are no longer the best training ground for singers, because who will our teachers be?

Samuel Hogarth As an English conductor and composer working in Germany, it makes me feel glad to be here, sad that the prospects for a move back one day seem to dwindle further every year and depressed that there is nobody in government or BBC mgmt who cares or knows anything about the arts.

Eleanor Knight I worry that those in charge of funding have no idea that being a musician is a job, that musicians are those ‘hard working families’ we hear so much about. I worry that they don’t know or can’t see the value in investing in a truly international aspect of British life.

Rumina Önaç Sad, and like nobody cares about the Arts. It’s further paring down of inspiration and opportunity for young musicians as well as the entertainment value that exceptionally talented groups like that have. #Sulking

Andrew Corbett-Nolan Angry beyond belief. What characterises the ACE and BBC decisions is appalling governance, and decisions based on fancy rather than facts. Honestly unacceptable in public institutions

Nazan Fikret Opera singer since I was 11 coming through the industry, 1st as an adolescent & now in my 30s, trained at GSMD in middle. Changes in funding & attitude toward opera in this 20 year period staggering. Different industry now, far fewer prospects. Scary times and so maddening.

Nicky Devin I’m Irish. I’ve regularly visited UK because both my daughters lived there - one still does. I’ve attended many musical events (esp opera) in the UK and in my opinion, the UK is a world leader in all the arts. I’m quite simply devastated to see this being attacked.

Write to Opera Now, Mark Allen Group, Dulwich Rd, London SE24 0PB. Email or tweet @OperaNow

6 April 2023 OperaNow

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