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A  JOURNAL  ON  RACISM,  EMPIRE  AND  GLOBALISATION Volume 64 April–June 2023 Number 4

Civilisational racism, ethnonationalism and the clash of imperialisms in Ukraine 3 Liz Fekete Migrant labour, debt and the branding of a ‘multicultural’ Israel 27 Rachel Brown Trade unions negotiating the Swedish model: racial capitalism, 48 whiteness and the invisibility of race Paula Mulinari and Anders Neergaard Cedric J. Robinson, Black radicalism and the abolition of Europe 67 DUŠAN BJELIĆ Commentary The Hanau massacre and state (in)action: a dossier 87 OSCAR HERZOG ASTABURUAGA Policing rights in the UK 2022: an audit 101 FRANCES WEBBER Book Reviews

On the Scale of the World: the formation of Black anticolonial thought by Musab Younis (Jenny Bourne) Empire’s Violent End: comparing Dutch, British and French wars of decolonization 1945–1962 by Thijs Brocades Zaalberg and Bart Luttikhuis (John Newsinger) Decolonial Marxism: essays from the Pan-African revolution by Walter Rodney, edited by Asha Rodney, Patricia Rodney, Ben Mabie and Jesse J. Benjamin (Donari Yahzid) I was a Red Priest: memories and testimonial by Jean Boulier (Dean Richards) Shoot to Kill: police and power in South Africa by Christopher Mcmichael (Liz Fekete)






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