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T h e

W i r e

4 7 1

M a y 2 0 2 3

Adventures in Sound and Music

D a v e

L o m b a r d o


P a u l

D u n m a l l


S a n

D i e g o h a r d c o r e


L a u r a

O r t m a n

The Wire 471 May 2023

Paul Dunmall Laura Ortman San Diego hardcore Dwight Trible PoiL Ueda Luciano Maggiore Alison Cotton Jason Moran Quartz-Mirliton Women From Space Pauline Oliveros Henry Threadgill Regis Verity Susman

9 770952 068120 05 £5.95

A different drummer

Dave Lombardo

From Slayer to solo

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